What not to do in Branding

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What not to do in Branding

Posted in : Recent on by : Frederick

Just like any other task, branding can be a challenge especially for a new product and much more so for a new company. The problem is not always in meager creativity but a combination of many factors. However, it is important to note that branding does not necessarily relate to the quality of your product, but the perception of the consumer towards your products.

It is now countless times that I have favored a product just because I have used it for so long and created loyalty to the brand. This has blocked my mind to other alternatives and maybe this is the case for you too. So the important thing that you need to know is that perception is key in branding.
If you have tried branding, renaming and designing your brand with no considerable success, then look whether you have been doing these mistakes:

We are popular

You probably do not push harder enough because you feel you are the “big boys” in the industry? Be careful this might be lethal. Realize that there is always new blood in your industry trying twice as hard as you. Having been on the business for 10 years and think that every consumer knows you is a façade. Be cautious and try to make your brand as original as the first time a consumer saw it.

Aiming at the wrong Audience

Your company produces cameras and you advertise your new brand aiming at the blind? Pack and GO! Your audience is you reason for branding in the first place. Do not waste your time and more so your money branding and advertising to people who do not care. Do your research on your market and aim only on the right people.

It is a small company

Underrate yourself and the consumers will too. It is erroneous to think that you can battle it out with already established brands just because your company is two weeks old. They all started from somewhere and probably they were not the first.