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Prior To Branding

Posted in : Recent on by : Frederick

Before you undertake a certain change on your business especially those that have effects on your products, there are decisions that you need to make. Among these decisions, you will include those of branding, transformation of a brand and better yet introduction of a new product to the market. You will have to understand that branding is aimed at consumer. This should therefore make it a sensitive area that will require prudence, urgency and tact. Prior to these decisions, take into these factors into consideration.

Target Group

Your target group is the group that you aim to sell to. It is the one that determines you production based on what they prefer. In other words, they are your boss, but worse that your boss, they do not understand your inner operations and challenges. This means that they will take nothing but the best. This brand that is the best needs to be handles with care to have a lasting and inviting impression on the consumers. To get the liking of a certain target group, you need to study the market, especially the demography of the market. Once this is done, you might need to be flexible and to adjust the brand with the preference of the target group.


Branding can be partial or comprehensive. Partial branding changes or alters some aspects of the brand while the comprehensive one has an ultimate and an all round change of the brand including the ingredients. Whatever brand transformation you intend to implement, it would be prudent to pay attention to the cost implication on the product and its possible effect on the profits of the product. Brand transformation especially the comprehensive on might be so expensive that it greatly affects the performance of the product in the market.


Since branding is very important is product differentiation especially for rival products. You should be very observant to avoid using your competitor’s designs and avoid legal battles. Be original and realistic.