Matching your Logo with the Right Color

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Matching your Logo with the Right Color

Posted in : Recent on by : Frederick

Being the symbolic representation of a brand or a company’s identity, logos have a forceful impact on consumer’s loyalty and impression. Whatever, logo you choose to go for, you will need a designer to work on them to give them an aesthetic value that is the hidden force of any logo or identity. Just as a national flag is identifiable from colors which in most cases represent a certain idea or theme, logos to can match the motto or theme of your company.

When designing a logo, take keen interest in the color that you choose for them because colors have a lasting impact on your logo and to an extent the general performance of your company. Here are some tips on wise selection of colors to match both your logo and company’s theme or motto.

Match your products with the color of your products

Most businesses have a color that identifies them. For example if you have a milk processing company. It would be very unfortunate and unlikely to use some colors like black and red for your company’s logo. Just like milk and its associate products like cheese and cream, you can go for white and some shreds of yellow. Colors make your customers connect with your products.

Match your drawings and labels with the products

Sometimes it is important to have some drawings in the logo or business card. As creative as you wish to be, do not go overboard by introducing a drawing, picture or label that is a complete mismatch with your products. A Bakery is expected to have a cake, paste or a chef craftily drawn on a logo, a car service company with a tool box or a car on the logo. However, it is a complete disaster to have a cat drawn on a hotel logo.