Illusion in Branding

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Illusion in Branding

Posted in : Recent on by : Frederick

What you see and touch sometimes is not what you primarily think it is, especially in advertisement and branding. This is what constitutes a phenomenon whose purpose in that – to make you see what is not. This is called illusion. It is not hallucination or falling into a tantrum but a mental manipulation of your perceptive powers through your sense of sight.

Illusion is a very fundamental aspect of branding. As mentioned in my previous article, branding involved your perception. This is what drives a consumer and mostly those who have loyalty on some products. Illusion also has everything to do with what you believe because it hits at the first sight.

When branding a product or a company, advertisement becomes a key pillar. This is what creates illusion on most consumers. While advertisements are not always true, they are very successful and the unfortunate or fortunate thing about them is that most people who get hooked know that whatever happens in an advert is fallacious.

Now that you want illusions to work to your advantage, there are things that you should do to outsmart your competitors because almost every serious branding involves advertisement. One of those things is to be selective on people who do this advertisement for you. The in trend today is the use of celebrities. The target groups being young people especially teenagers, celebrities have them hooked in attempts to be like these celebrities. An advert showing John Cena a famous U.S wrestler holding two beautiful young ladies after sipping sprite or Coca-Cola will have his fans on canteens for the soda.
Branding can also be in pricing. There are consumers who will only go for expensive products because they perceive and believe that expensive is good. This might be an advantage to you and a good motivator to improving the quality of your goods. It is an illusion that expensive products and services are always good.